Talent Acquisition

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We support our clients’ diversity and inclusion goals, and optimize their recruitment efforts by identifying a diverse pool of highly-skilled candidates. The Exeter Group offers full life-cycle recruitment services and unique solutions to meet the needs of each client.

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of 900 hospitals and health systems surveyed tied executive pay to diversity goals

Retained Search

Successful search assignments require the search firm, human resources partner and hiring manager to be in-sync as it relates to key requirements, ideal candidate profile, target geography and organizations, search strategy and timeline for completion.

  • Guaranteed diverse talent pool as defined by client
  • Performance-based fee structure
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Open Source Search

Open Source Search (OSS), is an innovative and cost effective tool designed to support your internal recruitment team in identifying and vetting candidates for hard-to-fill openings.

  • Flat monthly fee for each “position parking space”
  • Never a charge for hires
  • Client may change assigned position(s) at any time and as often as needed
  • Client defines diversity targets for pools and final slates
  • Exeter works on a minimum of two positions at all times
  • Easily scale up/down to mirror your recruitment volume
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