Physician Development

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Exeter employs coaching and counseling techniques in support of our clients, helping them make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory. We offer various tools such as comprehensive assessments, action planning and intensive support, always accounting for unique cultural differences.

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Comprehensive Assessments

Identifies clients’ unique interests, values and strengths through valid and reliable personality and career assessments.

Action Planning

Incorporates the results into a blueprint that articulates clients’ career goals, aligns them with a realistic plan to achieve those goals and holds them accountable for attaining them within a defined time frame.

Intensive Support

Provides professional and career development via online and in-person training sessions. We enhance professional presence through the development of a portfolio of documents including, résumés, cover letters, brand statements and bios. We leverage client and Exeter networks during career exploration and research. And, Exeter coaches clients during interview, salary negotiation and onboarding processes.

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