Organizational Assessment

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Understanding the performance of client’s talent management highlights the current state, identifies needs, and provides future state goals supported by data. Exeter assists clients in collecting critical talent management performance data by subgroups and other variables.

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of health care organizations rate their succession management system as effective

Performance Assessment

  • Workforce and Patient Profile
  • Employee and Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Recruitment Measures and Performance of Current Leaders
  • Succession Development, Promotions and Retention
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  • Current/Future State Analysis Qualitative and quantitative summary of talent management challenges, as well as a detailed roadmap for data-driven solutions
  • Leadership Competencies Creation of definitions, behaviors and examples to guide leadership performance
  • Performance Management Planning Identification of the approach, tools and processes to assess employee’s performance and development
  • Competency-based Training Development and facilitation of customized training for employees at levels
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