Leadership Development

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The Exeter Group employs a comprehensive method to collect data from relevant stakeholders and apply it strategically to drive solutions.

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Organizations that do not develop their employees are more than three times as likely to lose them

Talent Assessment Inputs

  • Standardized personality, competency, and leadership assessments
  • 360⁰ feedback/SWOT analysis
  • Individual and group interviews
  • Online culture and climate surveys
  • Review of key organization documents
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Exeter applies assessment results for customized leadership development solutions that touch individual leaders, groups or the entire organization.

  • Executive Coaching
    An in-depth program to help selected senior leaders understand and leverage their leadership strengths and mitigate their challenges.
  • Group Coaching (Coaching CirclesSM)
    Combines professional coaching along with in-person, group training. Under the guidance of a Coach, the circles provide a group of up to 10 participants the opportunity to channel their personal and professional development efforts, while sharing in a small group setting over a defined period of time.
  • Succession Development
    Align specific leadership capabilities with high-impact positions. Identify bridge opportunities for advancement from lower-level positions.
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