About the Exeter Group

Data-Driven Assessments.Talent Management Solutions.
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Who We Are

The Exeter Group is a healthcare talent management firm. We provide customized solutions to improve the ability of healthcare organizations to deliver relevant services to diverse populations, thereby improving outcomes and reducing health disparities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support you in attaining a culturally competent workforce and supplier base that reflect the communities in which you serve. We provide talent acquisition, leadership and organizational development solutions for your workforce and MWBE supplier base.

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more RNs will be needed

The Exeter Group can explore causal factors related to high turnover within the nursing profession and discuss strategies that the unit-level nurse leader can implement to improve the retention of RNs in acute care units.

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Why Choose Us

  • Nearly 20 years of talent identification and assessment experience
  • Committed to supporting your diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence goals
  • Metrics driven and process oriented
  • Trusted brand and reputation
  • The services and resources of a large firm, with the accessibility and affordability of a boutique
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Our Team


Alex duBuclet – Founding Principal

Alex’s background includes corporate and executive search experience, enabling him to lead our team with a keen understanding of the client and service provider perspective. Since founding The Exeter Group in 1998, he has completed search engagements for numerous healthcare organizations and Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and internationally. He is well-regarded in the human resources community for making diversity, inclusion and cultural competence an embedded part of Exeter’s value proposition

Alex has led successful sourcing and full lifecycle recruitment engagements for financial services firms, nonprofits, hospital, IT, medical device and pharmaceutical clients for permanent and interim placements. Under his leadership, The Exeter Group has evolved into a talent management firm offering innovative solutions including, RPO services, performance-based retained executive search, interim staffing, MWBE identification and development, organization/leadership development and assessment services.

Prior to establishing The Exeter Group, Alex managed professional recruiting at Citigroup (formerly Salomon Brothers) and Bank of America (formerly NationsBank’s Global Finance Unit). He participated with executive management in strategically building organizations domestically and internationally. Alex has managed internal executive search functions and was responsible for the development and implementation of diversity-focused recruiting strategies.


Audra Davis, PsyD – Managing Partner

Audra Davis, PsyD, is an Organizational Psychologist who leverages formal training, unending passion and nearly 20-year track record to successfully develop people and organizations’ potential. Dr. Davis has extensive leadership experience working in and consulting to non-profit and for-profit organizations. She is currently a Managing Partner and leads the Organizational Development practice at The Exeter Group. She assists healthcare organizations in providing quality patient care through diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence strategies and practices.

Dr. Davis is a member of several professional healthcare organizations and a Volunteer at Girls on the Run. She is a former board member of the YMCA Black Achievers Program, and 2010 winner of the Nashville Business Journal 40 under Forty Award (selected from 300+ nominees).


Dr. Davis holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from DePauw University and a master’s and doctorate in Organizational Psychology from Rutgers University.

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