Board Services

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Exeter understands that boards of directors for healthcare organizations have a direct impact on reducing health disparities. Diverse boards that reflect the patient and community populations they serve – by gender, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status and geography – bring knowledge and experience that will strengthen overall hospital operations, inform polices to improve patient care and provide relevant services for communities.

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the percentage of hospital and healthcare system boards in 2013 that had no racial/ethnic minority members

Member Identification

Completes a comprehensive assessment of the healthcare organization’s business strategy, organization, leadership, patient/community, and governance needs. This resource identifies appropriate director candidates whose backgrounds and skills align with needs critical to building board capability. Exeter onboards members allowing them to make immediate and impactful contributions.

Board Development

Provides boards with leadership development services to enhance individual member and overall effectiveness. We guide boards and management through strategic planning and goal-setting sessions as well as train board members on roles and responsibilities.

Succession Development

Creates a strategy to develop a leadership pipeline. We assist boards in broadening their pools of targeted talent, thereby casting a wider net to strengthen specific areas of board effectiveness, including finance, human resources, industry expertise, etc.

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