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The Exeter Group is a healthcare talent management firm. We provide customized solutions to improve the ability of healthcare organizations to deliver relevant services to diverse populations, thereby improving outcomes and reducing health disparities.

Our mission is to support you in attaining a culturally competent workforce and supplier base that reflect the communities in which you serve. We provide talent acquisition, leadership and organizational development solutions for your workforce and MWBE supplier base.

Our Methodology

Assess organizational current state based on quantitiative and qualitative data.

Apply customized solutions based on data analysis

Achieve future state based on the measurement of outcomes, not activities

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Our Services


With nearly 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, our team of consultants offer an extensive range of skills and resources to navigate the diverse and dynamic labor market.

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We work with clients to identify their unique organizational and contextual factors through data collection and analysis. Based on the results, we implement solutions that impact diversity and cultural competency outcomes.

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Assessment is the first step in identifying and developing leaders who will impact your business results and increase cultural competency.

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MWBE Support

By supporting vendor leadership and category managers in removing potential barriers to success, Exeter’s MWBE professional development services benefit both client and vendor.

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Our Outplacement services provide effected employees the skills, tools and resources to help them transition to the next opportunity more smoothly.

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Board Services

Our board services increase diversity in governance and management and supports these leaders in serving their communities.

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